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【全球赌博靠谱十大网站】 To Zunyi Huamao village again see Wang Zhiqiang

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[The nation must revitalize the industry] Then to Zunyi Huamao village and see Wang Zhiqiang_fororder_1111111

Huamao Village famous farmhouse "Red House" Photograph: Li Meng

  International online report (reporter Li Meng) : After a lapse of five years, I once again walked into Huamao Village, Bozhou District, Zunyi City, and regained my memory。

  Wang Zhiqiang's "Red House" farmhouse music first entered the reporter's sight。The reporter saw that on the eve of the Qingming small holiday, there were not a few tourists who came to visit and eat。

  In 2014, Wang Zhiqiang, a migrant worker, returned to his hometown. At that time, the village was engaged in the construction of a new rural area. He rebuilt his own yard and opened the first farmhouse in Huamao Village, named "Zhiqiang Farmhouse".。Later, considering that in 1935, the home had lived in the Red Army, it was renamed the "Red House"。

  Wang Zhiqiang, 58 years old this year, recalled that June 30, 2018, was the day when his farm set up the most tables, nearly 80 tables, and more than 20,000 yuan of water。"I would go to bed laughing at night。”

[The nation must revitalize the industry] to Zunyi Huamao village and see Wang Zhiqiang_fororder_2222222

During the interview, Wang Zhiqiang took a team ordering phone, he promised to come down photography: Li Meng

  According to Wang Zhiqiang, before 2019, if tourists do not order meals in advance, there will be no meal to the "Red House", "at least two or three days in advance to book.。But he admitted that, affected by the epidemic, the popularity went down。"I can say I haven't really laughed since last year。It's not back to where it used to be, but there's a team coming through。”

  For this year's business expectations, Wang Zhiqiang expressed optimism。He said that because the epidemic is well controlled, and this year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party, Huamao Village also has red tourism resources - Gou Ba conference site, so tourists should not be less。

[The nation must revitalize the industry] Then to Zunyi Huamao village and see Wang Zhiqiang_fororder_333333

The Homesickness Trail in Huamao Village Photograph: Li Meng

  In the past few years, Huamao Village has developed a total of 30 farmhouse and village hotels, which has contributed to the poverty alleviation and prosperity of the whole village。Wang Zhiqiang told reporters that he has solved the employment problem of 14 local people, with a monthly salary of about 3,000 yuan per person。After the completion of the task of poverty alleviation, he will continue to contribute to the revitalization of rural areas。