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Mianyang active board room concern: color steel active board room fire, fire prevention focus on where?

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Mianyang active board room concern: color steel active board room fire, fire prevention focus on where?

July 17, Changning City Qutan street Jintang village a plant fire, Qingyang South Road fire station immediately dispatched 2 cars 14 people to the scene。

Fire building for a layer of color steel structure activity board house workshop, fire for a utility room inside the plastic products, fire rescue personnel arrived at the scene when the fire is in the development stage, dozens of meters away visible smoke billowing, the air filled with strong pungent smell。

Fire and rescue workers immediately cut off the power supply of the plant, at the same time, one group of personnel under the cover of water cannon using demolition tools to break the door, the other group from the side attack to prevent the spread of the fire。

After nearly 20 minutes of intense fighting, the fire was successfully brought under control。In order to prevent the reignition of the fire, fire rescue personnel entered the plant, watered the ruins for cooling and cooling treatment, and confirmed that there was no possibility of reignition before convergence of equipment to return。

In recent years, the fire of the color steel movable board house has occurred from time to time, which has threatened the life and property safety of the people。

Factory fire in Changzhi, Shanxi Province

June 22, Shanxi Changzhi City Shangdang District Junhui vitality city, a color steel board house fire, fire rescue personnel arrived, the board house burned seriously, the south side collapsed, fortunately rescue in time, did not cause casualties。

Factory fire in Mianyang, Sichuan

April 19, Mianyang Youxian district, Sichuan province, a single-story color steel structure movable board building fire, burning substances mainly for dry goods, ethanol and so on。The scene of the fire soared to the sky, accompanied by the sound of explosions, the fire burned an area of about 600 square meters。The fire area is the waste collection station. The cause of the fire is the operator's irregular operation。

At present, the vast majority of temporary houses built on construction sites and a considerable number of enterprise factories still use color steel plates, which seem to be low-cost, fast and simple to maintain, but have very serious security risks。

First, what is color steel plate

Color steel sandwich plate with color coated steel plate as the surface material, the core material is mainly polystyrene, polyurethane, rock wool three kinds。At present, the producers of the color steel movable board house consider using polystyrene as the core material from the perspective of cost saving, and polystyrene is flammable material if it is not flame retardant treatment。

Second, color steel building fire characteristics

1, high temperature smoke accumulation, the fire is difficult to fight: The color steel plate structure of the active board room is relatively closed, and the burning of the sandwich material will produce a lot of smoke and gather a lot of heat。

2, poor fire resistance, easy to form a large area collapse:Color steel is a non-combustible material at room temperature, but in the event of flame barbecue, the strength will decline rapidly, and it is very susceptible to distortion and deformation under high temperature, which leads to the collapse of a large area of buildings。

3, the building scale is large, easy to form three-dimensional burning fireColor steel buildings due to high strength, light weight, convenient construction, building scale is generally large。When a fire occurs, a large amount of smoke heat spreads upward through various pipelines and channels, which is easy to form a three-dimensional burning situation。

4, produce toxic gases, easy to cause casualtiesIn the event of a fire, flammable polymer materials such as foam filled in the color steel plate will gradually increase the threat to people due to the increase in the concentration of toxic and harmful gases or impurities caused by incomplete combustion。

三.Key measures to prevent fire in color steel plate building。

Color steel plate is selected in strict accordance with the requirements of the national fire code, and the application of color steel plate buildings with organic temperature retaining core materials is limited。

1No open flame is allowed inside the color steel plate building using organic temperature insulating core materials, and flammable and explosive dangerous goods cannot be stored。

2Ensure the safety of the electrical lines in the color steel plate building with organic insulation materials, do regular inspection and maintenance, and prohibit the illegal use of electrical appliances。

3Special attention should be paid to construction safety when demolition and renovation of color steel plate movable housing with organic temperature insulating core materials, and open flames are strictly prohibited on the site and fire safety management work is done。

Source: China Fire