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Mianyang Gang booth manufacturers share the history of Venice news kiosk

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Mianyang Gangting manufacturers share content today is: Venice's historical news kiosk

Project name: Venice's historical news kiosk

Location | Project location: Canal City

Scale | Project size :12 square meters

Completion Year:2022


With the opening of the venice art biennale 2022 to the public over the weekend,As tourists navigate the winding streets of the famous canal city,You'll notice a series of news kiosks with the pink "Louis Vuitton" logo。The temporary takeover is part of the French fashion house's effort to honor these historic and much-loved newsstands and bring them back to their former glory。A similar project took place in Paris last year, where Louis Vuitton recreated the city's iconic green "bouquinistes" on the banks of the Seine.。

For the Biennale, Louis Vuitton has meticulously refreshed six historic newsstands in Venice, some of which date back to the 19th century。Protected by belle arti, the Italian society for conservation and cultural architecture, the work was done without major alterations, just cleaning, repainting, and adding sunshades where possible。

The restored newsstands display Louis Vuitton's colorful city guides, turning tiny newspaper and magazine stores into striking mini-bookstores。Newsstand owners also joined the lv experts to introduce visitors to guided Tours。The travel books include staff writers, secret locations, hikes, cultural events, recommendations from savvy journalists, and photographic portfolios。Available in print and digital, the collection so far covers 30 destinations: from Amsterdam to Mexico, and from Miami to Venice。

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