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Tourism toilet industry "highest grade"!This portable toilet in Jiading made the list

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Today, Mianyang mobile toilet manufacturers to share a piece of news about mobile toilets。

Recently, the 2021 Shanghai tourism toilet quality assessment results were released, the city selected a total of five AAA tourism toilets, Shanghai Guyi Garden South gate toilet list。According to the national standard "the division and evaluation of the quality grade of tourism toilets", tourism toilets are divided into three levels, of which AAA is the highest grade of tourism toilets。

JCMC, # Local News # Shanghai 2021 Shanghai Tourism toilet evaluation, Guyi Garden with excellent environment and smart equipment, won the tourism toilet industry "highest honor", AAA level。Video number through the southwest side of the Guyi Garden visitor consultation center, a classical building with white walls and black tiles came into view, which is the south gate toilet。The brick carvings on the exterior walls, the murals on the porch and the orchid plants placed inside and outside, the whole style and the park scenery complement each other。

The portable toilet covers a total area of about 53 square meters, with men's toilets, women's toilets and family toilets。The family bathroom is equipped with barrier-free facilities, children's toilets, baby nursing tables, etc., which is convenient for the elderly, children and disabled people。

The mobile toilet uses intelligent control, sensor conduction and other technologies to display the toilet layout, toilet usage, real-time air quality, etc., on the entrance display screen, to guide the public and tourists to use the toilet efficiently and orderly, and to facilitate the cleaning staff to clean on time。The toilet is cleaned and disinfected every 2 hours。

Each toilet is equipped with a call button, in case of emergency, visitors can press the button to call for help in time。In addition, the toilet is also equipped with an automatic perfume machine, which automatically releases the fragrance of orchids at regular intervals。

Portable toilets are inconspicuous but very important in the park, starting from the details, in order to bring a comfortable park experience for citizens and tourists。So, do you have one of these porta-potties around?

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